How to build inflatable tents in stone crevices, rocky hills, etc.

by:JOY Inflatable     2022-05-18

Stone crevices, rocky hills, etc. are in extremely bad conditions, which means that there is no place to camp at all. Then I want to ask, what is the inflatable tent used for? Well, the first one is of course rain protection. If there is no rain, can we not camp? Then there is the second one, which has a certain thermal effect, okay, If your sleeping bag can meet the temperature requirements, then why do we have to set up camp and sleep like this, of course, there are sometimes bugs infestation, it is not very serious, just bear with it. If the weather conditions are also extremely bad, oh, you have encountered all kinds of unfortunate things, and only use the last trick!

First, wrap the moisture-proof pad and sleeping bag in the inner account. Of course, try to leave as much space as possible inside. Put clothes or some items on the top of the head, so that the head The cloth in the part is supported to make it easier to breathe, and then the outer account is covered on it. Well, a rainproof, warm, and insect-proof nest is built.

I'm just throwing a few ideas on the above situations, I believe you have other methods. Of course, the most important thing is to make the plan as detailed as possible every time you travel. You must consider the water source, the campsite, and the number of people in the team. Think of difficulties and accidents ahead, and don't panic when the last situation arises. The situation of camping in the harsh environment in the wild is more complicated. It is necessary to adapt measures to local conditions according to the geographical environment, and use it flexibly to ensure a high-quality sleep and reserve good physical strength for the next day's mountaineering.

The editor of Rescue Products Co., Ltd. provides you with the above experience, and hope that every trip will be smooth in the future.

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