How to build an inflatable tent on a slope

by:JOY Inflatable     2022-05-18

Compared with the traditional stand tent, it is more convenient and fast to use, and it can even be airdropped in an emergency, but its use environment is very complicated.

1. Slopes

Here are the situations that are often encountered in climbing routes . Under normal circumstances, it is still possible to find a sloping flat ground on the slope (if you can't find it, refer to Articles 3 and 4). The key is that the friction between the sleeping bag and the moisture-proof pad is small when sleeping at night, and people will inflatable water slide down. It is impossible to fall asleep on steep slopes.


a. When two people build a tent, choose to use it for civilian use There are two trees that are close to each other under the tent to set up camp. If you don't put two big rocks below, put your backpack in the middle of the trees or rocks, so that you can sleep with your head up and your feet on the backpack at the bottom. In fact, people fall asleep half-standing in this way. I once camped on a hillside of about 30 degrees, and after 4 hours, the soles of my feet were very uncomfortable, and I slept with my left and right feet alternately all night.

b. If it is better for one person, choose to lean against a tree or stone on the side of the inflatable tent when camping, and place the backpack in the middle of the tree or stone. In this way, the overall weight of the person is pressed on the side of the backpack, and sleeping on the side alternately at night can ensure a better sleep effect.

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