How much is the inflatable tent maze?

by:JOY Inflatable     2022-05-13
The inflatable tent labyrinth designs children's play colors through the visual perception of colors, the psychological effects of colors, and the relationship between colors and emotions, so as to ensure a good mood during children's play. This game is mainly to exercise children's eyesight, brain power, and develop children's sensitivity to color.

The secret of children's inflatable maze design: focus on the visual sense of the color of the inflatable maze

Part of the child's character is from congenital heredity, and the other part is the acquired development of touching things in daily life. In the acquired development, it mainly includes: living environment, education methods, family atmosphere, and to a large extent it is related to the surrounding environment. In children's daily life, in addition to color matching, toys are no exception. It is also very important to be able to show a good visual experience and conform to aesthetic psychology.

And our company applies the different visual perception of color to the color design of the children's inflatable maze to create different color effects.

Installation method of the inflatable labyrinth

(1) First, find a flat ground, and remove sharp objects such as stones and broken glass on the ground to prevent puncturing the product.

(2) Spread the carpet (or PVC cloth, or color strip cloth) on the ground, and then place the packaged inflatable mold in the center of the ground.

(3) Inflatable packaging, do not use sharp tools such as blades to unpack the packaging, in order to prevent accidentally scratching the products in the packaging, you can use scissors to slowly cut off the needle and thread on the packaging bag, and then tear the packaging Needle thread at the mouth.

(4) After opening the package, slowly unfold each part of the inflatable mold to all sides until all parts are flatly unfolded to the surrounding of the ground.

(5) Find the fan port above the inflator, tie the fan port of the fan to the fan port on the inflator, and then prepare the power cord.

(6) Connect the fan to the power supply, turn on the switch, the fan starts to blow air to the air mold, and the air mold will be completely blown upright in about 5-10 minutes. After checking that everything is correct, the children can go up and play.

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