How much do you know about camping skills

by:JOY Inflatable     2022-06-21

Campsite selection

In summer, dry, well-ventilated, high-lying and mosquito-less places are suitable for camping. The ventilated ridges, mountain tops, and lakes are cooler places and good camping sites.

Outdoor inflatable tents

In winter, the camp site should choose forests and bushes , The leeward side of the cliff seems to be safe, but a lot of snow will be blown up by the wind and bury the tent. Therefore, when choosing a camping tent, attention should be paid to the functions of heat preservation, heat insulation and wind resistance in addition to being strong.

Camping in the forest

Overnight in the forest After a person falls asleep, the blood circulation slows down, and the cold air invades the body through the skin, causing joint pain. If you don't have a tent, you can choose sturdy branches to build a temporary shelter.

Camping in the tropical jungle

In the tropical jungle, camping should take precautions Torrential rain and infestation of snakes and insects. The camp should be kept away from ant nests and wasp nests, and the surrounding weeds and shrubs should be removed to prevent scratching the tent base. Then dig gutters along the perimeter of the tent. The inflatable tents used can effectively prevent rain and mosquitoes. Generally, they are double-layer tents. The bottom fabric is connected with the tent without gaps. Note that when entering and leaving the tent, keep the tent door open. Products represented by medical inflatable tents have been exported to more than 40 countries abroad. It is very important to clean around the tent and bury the greasy waste in time, otherwise the smell will attract all kinds of animals. Of course, the hammock can also be moisture-proof and poison-proof. Try to pull a rope on the hammock and put a square rain cloth on it to make a waterproof tent.

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