Had a flat inflatable tent?

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-03-06
Q: inflatable tent flat? Answer: if you find any leakage phenomenon, can be the first column to wipe clean, then daub with soap and water surface, in order to check the leakage point. Leak point if it is a very small hole, can repair cloth (with a small circular Any specifications of the inflatable tent with the inside) Brushs bit glue, and then, after waiting for glue to work on the funnelled, adhesive sealed. If a flat place for gas heat does commissure glue, can divide the following steps: 1, the first bonding surface is clean. 2 give with a bottle of glue, inflatable tents, inflatable air column special glue, brush on the pre glue, it must be uniform coating, thickness is appropriate, brush figure after two times, can glue. 3, stick interface must be designed into a circular or oval shape, try to avoid square and sharp Angle interface shape, lap width not less than 30 mm. 4, after waiting for glue volatilization do for bonding, patch must be smooth, no fold, roller pressure, leveling, use hair dryer to supply heat source at the same time, easy to glue. Adhesive can use inflatable after 6 hours.
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