Good inflatable tent workmanship analysis guide

by:JOY Inflatable     2022-06-16

Continue to talk about workmanship. If you put on inferior workmanship, no matter how good the material is, it will be a waste, and no matter how good the design is, it will only be a bright pearl. The quality of workmanship, on the surface, is only a question of whether the craftsmanship is exquisite, whether it looks good, and whether it makes the heart comfortable. product performance. Let's take a simple example to understand: the canopy of the inflatable tent is made of different shapes of fabrics. Under normal circumstances, the stitching should be stitched and then the stitched part should be glued, so as to avoid heavy rain. The phenomenon of rainwater infiltrating the needle eye and flowing into the tent occurs. In many tents with fine workmanship, we can see that the seam is straight and meticulous, and the glue strip can completely and accurately cover the entire seam, and the fit is tight without air bubbles. The inferior workmanship is just the opposite, the wiring is crooked, even if the glue is pressed well, it cannot completely cover the seam. The phenomenon of falling off will occur. Once such a tent encounters moderate to heavy rain, the tent will be flooded with water. Another example is that the four corners of the tent or the wind rope buckle parts will be reinforced with jujubes to cope with the pressure exerted on the canopy body by strong winds. Strict products have requirements for the reinforcement strength, how many lines to play, what kind of lines to play, etc. They all pay attention, and many low-end and inferior tents I have seen just put two or three lines on these positions. The general lines can't see the difference in use, but once encountered bad weather , the stress part of the inferior tent may tear or fall off. So it is true that workmanship can greatly change the performance of a product.

When you get the product, you can actually see the quality of the outdoor inflatable tent. It is everywhere, and there are many white bubbles in the glue. Most of these products are not good products.

In addition to the aspects mentioned above, whether the detailed design of the tent is humanized and rationalized is also a very important criterion. Of course, the consideration of details is not something that every manufacturer can think of. This must require the designer to have professional outdoor experience and experience, and must be very careful and considerate. Let's list a few details to explain:

1. Is the projection height of the tent door reasonable? Generally, the projection of the tent door on the ground is a triangle or a trapezoid. The length or head width of the tent’s inner tent is used as the bottom edge of the triangle/trapezoid, and the height of the triangle/trapezoid is the distance from the tent door to the inner tent. Too short or too long distance is not suitable, too short will make the entrance hall. The area is too small to store luggage rucksacks, and if it is too long, it will be inconvenient to open and close the outer tent door. You need to climb out of the inner tent with half your body and stretch your arms as long as you can to open and close the outer tent door laboriously. The appropriate projection height of the hallway should be around 55-70 cm. Such a hall has a suitable area for use and is easy to open and close. For a certain brand of popular tents, the projection height is only 40 cm. It is just right to put down a pair of shoes. , it is very difficult to put a large backpack;

2. The shape of the outer tent

Basically, after all the tent doors are opened, the tents are in the shape of a triangle. This shape has a limited opening area, and it will be a little inconvenient to enter and exit. However, for the star double tent of the soul of freedom, the shape of the tent door is designed as Compared with the traditional triangular door, two additional areas are added above the door, so that it is more convenient to enter and exit, and it is also more conducive to ventilation, and it can also have a better vision when the weather is fine;

I have talked a lot about the quality of inflatable tents. In addition, there are some non-quantitative standards, such as price, appearance, etc. , This belongs to the benevolent who see benevolence and the wise see wisdom. In general, a good tent must be a comprehensive product, including material, structure, workmanship, weight, details and other aspects. We should not unilaterally pursue one aspect of the sword and ignore others. .

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