Finding food for outdoor adventures

by:JOY Inflatable     2022-06-13

Far from the city to explore the outdoors, people feel fresh and exciting, but also encounter many unexpected difficulties and dangers. How to deal with all kinds of accidents in the wild: getting lost, injured, lack of water and food, etc., to ensure safety through each day? At present, there are many inflatable tent manufacturers that can provide you with different specifications of inflatable camping tent.

1. When taking plants as food, you should pay attention:

When collecting plants, choose familiar fresh green branches, roots, fruits, etc. Unfamiliar plants with bright colors or milky white sap cannot be collected. Before eating, cut a section and smell it. If there are plants with peach bark or bitter almond flavor, they cannot be eaten. Unfamiliar plants can only be tasted one at a time, and if you feel unwell, induce vomiting immediately.

2. Attention should be paid when taking animals as food:

1. Understand the living habits of different animals, and adopt appropriate capture methods. Usually herbivores are active all day long, while mammals prefer to be active in the morning and evening. Traps can also be set according to different animal characteristics or captured by other methods.

2. You can eat all kinds of fish, shrimps, crabs, etc. in streams and lakes.

3. When preserving the meat, salt it; or cut it into slices, hang it in the sun to air dry or smoke it on the fire and then store it.

4. Don't eat sick animals, and don't eat the livers of animals, otherwise it will spread the disease. When eating, be sure to heat and cook, or roast it. Try not to eat raw.

3. Problems that should be paid attention to when looking for food in case of distress at sea

1. Fish are easy to obtain and food at sea. Fish can be caught with a hook or with a spear.

2. Birds can be used as food when trapped in an isolated island. Give them a sudden blow with a bamboo pole or other hard object, move fast, or set traps to catch them. When camping, choose a portable military inflatable tent. Small square meters tents are more suitable for family travel.

3. You can catch turtles on the beach and dig their eggs for food. To catch turtles, you can usually make a looper with a rope and put it on its head. Never grab its head with your bare hands, in case it retracts back and hurts your hand, the correct way is to grab its fins.

4. After the high tide, there will be fish, shrimp, crabs, clams, oysters, etc. under the sand and stones. For lobsters and crabs with tongs, you cannot directly grab them with your hands. Grasp. These simple outdoor knowledge should not be underestimated, they can help you solve the problem of outdoor survival at critical moments.

Of course, if you are injured and need immediate treatment, inflatable tents can provide a place for treatment.

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