Features of inflatable tents

by:JOY Inflatable     2022-05-14

The general requirements of inflatable tents are light weight, simple assembly, fast hold-up speed, long-lasting rigidity and stability, good waterproofness, comfortable use, convenient maintenance, long service life, and good adaptability to special environments.

Its products generally use the principle of structural mechanics to design the frame, and use the gas pressure characteristics to expand the airbag to form a cylinder with a certain rigidity, which is supported by organic combination. The skeleton of an inflatable tent. With the strength of the skeleton material used, the bearing capacity of the tent can be set; the performance of the polymer coating used determines the service life of the frame and the maintenance of the rigidity of the frame; and the rationality of the air chamber setting determines the The support limit of the entire frame.

Various valves (inflatable valve, exhaust valve, high and low pressure valve, safety law, etc.) determine the overall performance of the inflatable tent, such as: inflation The speed of the speed, the speed of the exhaust, the restriction of the inflation limit, the pros and cons of the air tightness, the adaptability of the valve in the special environment... etc., and the material selection of various valves and the design of the form and structure also lead to The development of the charging and exhausting device. In addition, the choice of tarpaulin and the choice of canopy accessories also determine the practicability, applicability, and use value of the inflatable tent in special environments. Of course, the aesthetics and humanization of its products will also affect the popularization and application fields of its products.

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