[Cotton inflatable tent] production materials

by:JOY Inflatable     2022-05-22

Materials for making [cotton inflatable tents]:

A good quality tent has the following four items: (1) Strong tension, strong and durable (2) ) Small size, easy to carry (3) Light weight (4) Rainproof, low hygroscopicity According to the above conditions, let's understand and compare the five materials used to make inflatable tents today:

Cotton inflatable tent material (1) Nylon (NYLON): strong tension, bright and smooth color, not easy to fade, soft texture, good strength, not easy to mold, not moth-eaten, hygroscopic It is small and does not harden when it is frozen, and it is the most widely used material at present.

Cotton inflatable tent material (2) Canvas: strong waterproof, good heat insulation effect, not hot when the sun shines, but hard and bulky, It is easy to be damp and absorb water, easy to mold and fade, and its economic benefits are not as good as nylon.

Cotton inflatable tent material (3) TC cloth: The so-called TC cloth is a blend of T (commonly known as Tetoron) and C (commonly known as cotton), The warp part is woven with Tedlon, and the weft part is woven with cotton yarn to synthesize TC cloth, so it has the characteristics of both, wear-resistant, durable, good strength, good air permeability and strong texture, mostly used for medium and large family account.

Cotton inflatable tent material (4) Sephora: It is a fabric blended with nylon and rayon, so it has nylon and rayon after synthesis. The characteristics of rayon, the cloth surface is smooth and the air permeability is good, but the durability and strength are not as good as that of pure nylon. water vapor, so as not to be too stuffy or too humid, so this fabric must be reused.

Cleaning of the inflatable tent

Cleaning the underside of the tent , Wipe off the sediment, if there is any pollution, it can be slightly scrubbed with clean water. Cool and dry the tents inside and outside the tent, and then put it away after it is dry. If it is too late to dry the tent, remember that it must not be stored for a long time, so as to avoid coloring and mildew. As soon as possible, cool it immediately. Clean up the silt from the poles. Check the integrity of the tent accessories. It is not advisable to clean with detergents to avoid affecting the waterproof effect.

The support of the tent should be selected in a relatively flat area, and the entrance and exit should be facing away from the air outlet. It is best if there is a thin lawn. Should be selected on the downhill, so as to facilitate the ditching of drainage. The support of the tent should be selected in a relatively flat area, the entrance and exit should be facing away from the air outlet, and the ground should be relatively dry.

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