Basic maintenance of inflatable tents

by:JOY Inflatable     2022-05-15

The inflatable tent should not be in contact with sharp objects when using it, so as not to scratch the airbag; when using the inflatable tent, strictly follow the instructions in the manual, and the precautions in the manual should be followed first. Below we explain the basic maintenance methods of inflatable tents for you.

When the temperature is high in summer, the air volume should not exceed the above-mentioned standard, and the air volume should be checked at any time. When the pressure is too high, it should be properly vented; in winter and in the morning, when the temperature is slightly lower, pay attention to appropriate pressure, so as not to affect the normal use .

Its products generally use the principle of structural mechanics to design the frame, use the gas pressure characteristics to expand the airbag to form a rigid cylinder, and support the skeleton of the inflatable tent through organic combination. With the strength of the skeleton material used, the bearing capacity of the tent can be set; the performance of the polymer coating used determines the service life of the frame and the maintenance of the rigidity of the frame; and the rationality of the air chamber setting determines the The support limit of the entire frame.

In order to adapt to different temperature environments, tents are divided into different structures such as single-layer/double-layer/three-layer:

The advantage of single-layer is lightness/economical/small size / The production process is relatively simple. The difference between the double layer and the single layer is that a layer of inner tent with better air permeability is added in the design, which mainly solves the contradiction of water condensation on the inner wall of the single layer tent. Because in the cooler season, the heat released by the human body will condense water droplets on the inner wall of the tent under the action of the cold air outside the tent, and the accumulated water will flow down the inner wall of the tent and wet the sleeping bag. The tent is not directly connected to the bottom of the inner tent, the heat emitted by the human body will pass through the inner tent, and the water droplets condensed on the outer tent can flow directly to the ground. In this sense, single-layer tents are mainly suitable for warmer areas or seasons. Double tents are suitable for cool seasons or cold regions. The design of the three-layer tent is to add another layer of cotton tent to the inner tent, which further enhances the thermal insulation effect. This tent is used in an environment of minus 10 degrees, and the temperature in the tent can rise to about zero degrees.

Various valves (inflatable valve, exhaust valve, high and low pressure valve, safety law, etc.) determine the overall performance of the inflatable tent, such as: the speed of inflation of the inflatable tent, the speed of exhaust, The restriction of inflation limit, the pros and cons of air tightness, the adaptability of valves in special environments, etc., and the material selection of various valves and the design of form and structure have also led to the development of inflation and exhaust devices. In addition, the choice of tarpaulin and the choice of canopy accessories also determine the practicability, applicability, and use value of the inflatable tent in special environments. Of course, the aesthetics and humanization of its products will also affect the popularization and application fields of its products.

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