Analysis of purchase and sale of inflatable tent moisture-proof pads

by:JOY Inflatable     2022-05-24

Outdoor tent accessories are equipment other than the tent itself, generally including ground nails, wind ropes, moisture-proof mats, tent lights, etc. Equipping these accessories can make your camping experience better, improve camping quality and Comfort, so how should we choose these accessories?

1. About moisture-proof cushion: how to choose inflatable cushion, foam moisture-proof cushion and aluminum film cushion?

The inflatable moisture-proof pad is very important for outdoor camping. It acts between the body and the ground, which can isolate the wet ground and keep warm. , and secondly, it can prevent shivering and make sleeping more comfortable. Therefore, the moisture-proof mat is basically an essential accessory for outdoor camping. When purchasing a tent, you must check whether it is equipped with it. If not, you need to equip it yourself.

Inflatable Cushion: The basic, inflatable air cushion has the advantage of being comfortable, adjustable in volume, and inexpensive. The disadvantage is that the weight is not light, it is inconvenient to carry, and it is easy to be punctured. The air layer inside has high fluidity and poor isolation effect. Therefore, for outdoor travelers, the inflatable cushion is only used in leisure scenarios.

Foam sponge pad: This moisture-proof pad is composed of sponge foam material. Compared with the inflatable moisture-proof pad, the sponge moisture-proof pad is lighter and more comfortable, and the price is also high. It is cheaper than the inflatable moisture-proof pad. In addition, the sponge moisture-proof pad has a certain gap in the foam due to the unique foam molecular structure, which can achieve better thermal insulation during outdoor use in winter. The disadvantage is that it is large in size. Although it is a moisture-proof pad, the moisture-proof ability of the foam sponge pad is the worst among the three materials. The main reason is the open molecular structure. After repeated folding outdoors, the service life also has certain limitations. sex.

Aluminum film pad: light and thin, easy to carry, and good in reflecting heat. This is its advantage. The disadvantage is that the aluminum film is very afraid of sticking, and straw sticks on the ground may be Poke a hole in it.

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