Air leakage in inflatable tents | How to deal with air leakage in inflatable tents

by:JOY Inflatable     2022-05-16

How to deal with inflatable tent leaks

Inflatable tents may encounter some problems during use. The most common is an air leak. What to do? Let me tell you.

If you find an air leak, wipe the air column and soap the surface to find the air leak. If the leak is a relatively small hole, use a small round patch and brush with glue. After the glue dries, stick it over the leak and stick it firmly. If there is an air leak glued at the air column heat seal seam, please clean the bonding surface first, then use a special glue brush to apply the air column of the inflatable tent to the pre-bonded surface to ensure an even coating and proper thickness ;The shape of the bonding interface must be designed as a circle or an ellipse, and the overlapping width should not be less than 30mm; after the glue evaporates, it can be bonded, and it can be inflated after 6 hours of bonding.

All in all, do you know how to deal with leaks in tents?

What are the conditions that need special attention when using inflatable tents? Let me tell you.

1. Please read the instruction manual of the inflatable tent before use.

2. Overpressure inflation cannot be performed.

3. Do not touch sharp or hard objects to avoid scratching the airbag.

4. Do not touch objects whose temperature exceeds 60°C.

5. In summer, natural gas expands. When the temperature is high, the inflation pressure should not be too high. At the same time, please check the air pressure at any time, and properly deflate if the air pressure is too high.

6. Do not use power equipment to force the Torra.

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