Advantages and disadvantages of inflatable tent skirt design

by:JOY Inflatable     2022-05-13

Inflatable tent skirts, used in strong winds and severe cold environments, can effectively prevent cold wind from entering the tent and ensure a relatively comfortable environment for tent users, but they will also encounter various problems. Although the skirt can block the cold wind, but the air mobility is bound to deteriorate.

The following editors from Beijing inflatable tent manufacturers will explain the advantages of the skirt in detail for you.

Skirt advantages:

1. The tent skirt can keep snow out Outside the tent, do not allow snow to penetrate into the interior of the tent to make people warmer in the tent. The specific method is to use the snow to press the snow skirt on the ground after setting up the tent.

2. The ventilation can be adjusted when camping on non-snow ground. The ventilation can be increased by lifting or removing the skirt. Put down the skirt with stones. Pressing down can reduce or completely prevent ventilation.

3. When camping on terrain with a slight slope, the skirt can increase the waterproofness of the tent without digging large drainage ditches. The specific method Yes, dig a shallow ditch on the ground facing the top side and on the left and right sides, then bury the skirt on the same side in the shallow ditch and press it with stones and soil, so that the water flowing down from the top side of the slope will It will be blocked by the skirt, and then flow along the skirt to the left and right sides, and then flow away along the left and right skirts. It will not invade the inside of the tent, which can ensure the dryness of the internal ground.

Disadvantages of skirt design:

1. When using skirt, outdoor The air circulation in the inflatable tent is too poor, people will feel bored when they stay in it, and camping at high altitudes may be forced out of high altitudes.

2. The tents with skirts are not very useful in three seasons, and they need to bear the weight of the skirts, which is also a very painful thing.

3. The performance of wind and snow resistance can be achieved by relying on the structure of the tent pole, the thickness of the windproof rope and the fixing of the ground nails. The role of the snow skirt is greatly reduced. weaken.

The advantages and disadvantages of neutralizing skirts, some tents have been changed to partial skirts, taking into account wind and snow resistance and breathability, which is also a This is a good method. Some friends do it this way. They are covered when they are used, and rolled up when they are not used. The method is a bit stupid, but it is also practical. to balance the advantages and disadvantages of both.

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