7 square meters digital camouflage inflatable tent

by:JOY Inflatable     2022-05-22

Digital camouflage, also known as digital camouflage or digital camouflage, is a new type of camouflage clothing consisting of 'pixels'. This new pattern uses the principles of visual psychology and can adapt to the concealment needs in a variety of environmental backgrounds. The design is mainly aimed at jungle, desert and urban areas and anti-jamming night vision equipment. Different from the smooth edges of traditional camouflage, digital camouflage is scattered and disordered, and digital camouflage is better than traditional camouflage in terms of concealment. Under infrared detection and night vision goggles, digital camouflage inflatable tents have greater advantages than traditional camouflage.

In 2007 they started changing their uniforms. The 07-type training uniform also uses digital camouflage. Compared with the U.S. military, the 07-type camouflage square is larger. Divided into jungle camouflage, desert camouflage, general camouflage and marine camouflage.

The colors of jungle camouflage are: light khaki, brown, black and neutral olive green, and are used in jungle areas.

Common camouflage colors are: gray, green, brown, and black. Mainly issued to the Army and Air Force.

The colors of desert camouflage are: khaki, dark brown, black. Marine camouflage is a blue camouflage uniform worn by the Marine Corps, but its effectiveness on land is poor. Others are not allowed to wear, sell, make and imitate, but there are still people on the street wearing imitated 07-style camouflage. Below we will introduce to you in detail, this 7 square meter digital camouflage inflatable tent customized for customers by Beijing inflatable tent manufacturers.

This tent, because it is cotton lined, can be used in winter and summer, and can be flexibly mastered. This tent has four windows, which is transparent in summer Good performance, when using in winter, directly pull the inner window of the window, and stick the outer window with a hook and loop.

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