48㎡ inflatable tent (below)

by:JOY Inflatable     2022-05-22

1. Use of inflatable tents

Main scope of use:

1. Camping accommodation 2, temporary command office 3, material warehouse 4, temporary restaurant canteen, etc.

2. Main technical performance

1. This tent is an inflatable structure, with inner and outer tarpaulins, two front and rear doors, and ventilation windows on both sides of the side walls (with gauze, transparent film, curtains, etc. ).

2. The projected size of this tent is: 8.6*6.6*3.5m (area 56.76㎡)

< /p>

The internal size of this tent is: 8.0*6.0*3.2m (48.0㎡)

3. The inflatable tent can be used in 5- It can be erected and put into use by 2-5 people within 8 minutes.

4. The exhaust can be operated and packaged by 2-5 people within 8-10 minutes.< /p>

5. Wind resistance level ≥8.

3. Erection and retraction

1. Open the package:

First, take the inflatable tent out of the packaging bag, spread it on the ground (make sure the ground is flat and free of sharp objects) and fully unfold it to level the tent.

IV. Precautions

1. Do not contact with sharp and hard objects to avoid Scratching the air column

2. Do not get close to high temperature objects and open flames

3 , Because the air pressure of the inflatable tent changes with the change of temperature, when using it, the air pressure should be adjusted appropriately according to the change of weather temperature, and the air pressure should be charged and deflated in time.

4. Do not use heavy objects to exert pressure for a long time

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