15 square meters military inflatable tent customization scheme

by:JOY Inflatable     2022-05-22

Description of the structure of the inflatable tent:

1. The inner size of the tent: 5×3×1.7×2.3m (length×width×side Height × top height), the usable area ≥ 15㎡.

2. The air column and the ground cloth are bonded together, and the waterproof height is not less than 150mm.

3. The tent is equipped with an inner and outer canopy, the outer canopy and the air column are fixed as a whole, and the top slope surface is provided with reinforced ribs to ensure the top slope of the tent. The surface is flat, and the inner canopy and the air column are connected by a buckle.

4. Three ventilation windows are set on the inner and outer canopy side walls, the window size: 750×600mm (length×height), the front and rear gables are opened, and the outer canopy The top slope is printed with a white 'Fire Rescue' logo in the center, with standard flat head bold characters, the front and rear gables of the tent are open, the door size: 1950 × 900mm, the right side of the gable door is printed with a white 'Fire Rescue' logo and thermally transferred to paste the fire logo (logo demand side supply).

5. The ventilation window adopts the buckle fastening method, pay attention to 'horizontal pressure and vertical' when sewing the buckle, the screen window adopts the zipper sewing method, and the gauze can be opened , closed, the practice of inner and outer canopy windows should be consistent. Add transparent windows between the awning curtains and the gauze.

6. Both the outer and inner zippers are made of 12# nylon zippers with double handle sliders.

7. There is a numbered pocket (transparent film) at the upper end of the gable door of the outer canopy. The 'vent' logo is added to the canopy vent, and the 'inflatable valve, safety valve' logo is printed on the inflation valve cover.

8. The inner canopy is equipped with a partition curtain, and the interior is provided with a hanging ring and a storage bag.

9. Tent packaging is a soft packaging bag made of tent outer tarpaulin, with accessories bag (maintenance accessories and electric pump) and foot pump packaging bag , Each packaging bag is printed with the name of the component, and the tent packaging bag is printed with the product name, quantity, quality, packaging size, company name and production date.

10. The ground cloth material is gray wear-resistant waterproof canvas.

11. The tent is equipped with an electric air pump (2000W), a foot pump, a pull rope (φ6 army green nylon rope), and ground stakes (8 pieces) , hammer, rope board (wood), repair kit (glue, patch, scissors, scraper).

12. The outer packaging is white woven cloth, with openings all around, and the handle leaks out, which is easy to lift and carry, and needs to be printed.

13. For other unspecified requirements, please refer to the attached sheet 'Basic Requirements for 15㎡ Inflatable Tent'.

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