15 square meters inflatable tent customization basic requirements

by:JOY Inflatable     2022-05-23

Basic requirements for customization of 15㎡ inflatable tent

Serial number project technical parameters

1. Specifications and dimensions Internal dimensions: 3×5× 1.7×2.3m (length×width×side height×top height)

Air column diameter: φ210mm.

Second, material specifications Fabric: 420D orange pvc Oxford cloth.

Lining: nylon (150D)

Air column material: double-sided PVC coated cloth.

Floor Cloth Material: Grey Abrasion Resistant Waterproof Canvas.

Three, the basic structure

1. The inflatable tent is a frame inflatable structure.

2. Hang the tarpaulin inside and outside respectively.

3. The front and rear gables are opened, and there are three ventilation windows on the side walls. The door is closed with a zipper.

4. It is also equipped with ground stakes and ropes, which can fix the tent very well.

Fourth, use performance

1. It can be erected and put into use within 5 minutes, and it can be deployed and withdrawn quickly.

2. The air column is equipped with a safety valve, which can ensure that the air column is automatically deflated when the pressure is too high to ensure safety.

3. The air column has good rigidity and can resist wind load of grade 6.

4. The ground cloth and the air column are bonded together to meet the waterproof height of not less than 150mm (including the doorway).

5. Set two heater vents on one side of the tarpaulin with a diameter of 300mm. Add a heater vent outside the heater vent, the same way as the curtain. (Using buckles and equipped with roller shutter belt loops)

5. Other requirements

1. The tent needs to be equipped with relevant air pumps and other equipment.

2. The tent support needs to be flat.

3. Each sewing part should be flat, the sewing needle size should be 8-10 stitches/30mm, and there should be no excess glue marks on the bonding part.

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