will you ride the world\'s tallest water slide?

by:JOY Inflatable     2019-10-22
It\'s like 15-
It\'s just a story building on an air mattress.
This is the promised experience of Verrückt, known as the world\'s tallest water inflatable water slide near the Kansas City Schlitterbahn inflatable water park.
The huge water inflatable water slide is 168 feet high and hovers around like the NASA launch pad.
Instead of the rocket, the slides put people on a large raft, and the organizers said that after completing the initial sharp drop, the speed will reach more than 60 miles/hour, followed by the second rise and fall.
Schlitterbahn development group recently released a video of the first people to try to ride, with water park designer Jeff Henry and riding engineer John Squaw testing their work.
The lens of the \"original\" version without the music soundtrack includes several profanity.
The company said its test camera stopped working during the test run.
This slide is scheduled to open this summer.
But as the technology site io9 points out, there are some problems: we are reporting a problem that is obviously less attentive --
As the city of Bristol makes way for a long water slide, people can travel leisurely on Central Street.
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