What does An Inflatable Water Park Consist of?


What does An Inflatable Water Park Consist of?

Inflatable water parks,also known as inflatable aqua parks, are popular and commonly seen all around the world. It normally consists of several independent creation&sports elements which are connected&assembled together. It’s designed for summer days and quite popular&well accepted by both kids and young people.

There are 3 types of inflatable water parks according to using areas,giant floating water park used at lake or sea, assembled water park used at land and small floating water parks used at pools. Based on different using areas and guests group, different types of inflatable water parks are made up of several different entertainment elements.

As for giant inflatable floating water parks,they are usually used at sea side or large lakes. So this type of water parks are normally quite large in scale,its length ranges from 20-100m,width ranges from 20-60m,height ranges from 5-8m. There are several major elements are commonly seen among water parks,such as water slide&tower,water trampoline, balance ladder,animal shape runway,rope swing,obstacles, bridge etc. With all elements included,the total amount of independent sports units can be as much as over 100. At the same time,given that this type of inflatable water parks are used at open water areas,safety precaution is a must. Many manufacturers will offer protective guarding railing and life vests for park operators. Of course, enough lifeguards are needed. This type of water parks are suitable for both little kids and young people.

In some inland cities,giant water areas is not available. So assembled water parks are widely used. This type of water parks have simple combination,a central giant inflatable pool surrounded by several water slides,ladders or towers. Total amount of entertainment units is about 10.  Limited by geographical conditions,this type of water parks’ size is about 15-30m(L) *20-30(W)-6-7m(H). This type of water parks’ main customers are little kids.

In some holiday resorts and tourist attractions, small water parks for pools are well accepted by investors and tourists. Pool water parks are mainly made up of less than 10 entertainment elements, such as runway,trampoline,water toys etc. Most of elements are for game use,suitable for family members and friends.


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