What are the standards for qualified construction tents?

by:JOY Inflatable     2022-06-20

Because the construction tent can provide a comfortable resting place for the workers on the construction site, it is a kind of civilian tent, which is not only economical but also durable, so it has always been favored and loved by consumers in the market. And the simple and quick-to-operate engineering tent makes people more worry-free and labor-saving in the process of use and becomes a good partner for people outdoors. So what standards do suitable engineering tents meet?

First, the tarpaulin material is dense and has good waterproof and breathable properties

Since the tent is mainly used outdoors, the waterproof and The requirements for breathability are also relatively high. The tarpaulins used in high-quality engineering tents must meet the standards of compactness and sturdiness. The fabrics used must have good heat insulation and water resistance, so as to withstand the attack of heavy rain and the exposure of the scorching sun.

Second, the tent is of suitable size and wear resistance

A qualified engineering tent must have enough space to accommodate people, and the capacity of this space meets the specified standards. If the size of the tent is lower than the specified standard, it will affect the effect of actual use and the play of its role. And the high-quality and durable engineering tent will be equipped with a ground cloth with strong wear resistance to improve the use effect of the tent.

Third, the color of the tent has a great contrast with the surrounding environment

Although the color of the tent is often ignored by people, the color is actually very important for the function of the engineering tent . Because engineering tents are used outdoors, if you choose a tent with a similar color to the surrounding environment, it is not easy to be found, which is not conducive to people's identification. Therefore, the color of a suitable project tent should meet the standard that has a certain contrast with the surrounding environment.

Appropriate engineering tents can easily cope with harsh weather conditions and unexpected situations in actual use, and provide people with the most powerful shelter. And its excellent performance can provide people with a comfortable environment like home, it is really a good place to rest, so that people can relieve their fatigue in such an environment after a hard day's work.

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