What are the fun water park projects?

by:JOY Inflatable     2019-01-12

Guangzhou Liyang is hot, with diversified projects, water inflatable water slide series, artificial wave series, water raft relationship, drifting river and other series, full of excitement and fun.
 Water slide series: Cobra inflatable water slide, small horn, space double bowl slip, high speed slide, big skate slide, rainbow race inflatable water slide. Sliding from the beginning of the platform, the general rushing into the slide, giving people a feeling of weightlessness, feeling stimulating, interactive, and dazzling in the rapid gliding. Especially suitable for young people who like challenges.
 Artificial wave series: blast pool, indoor wave pool, surf skateboard, unpredictable big waves, shocking, exciting, attracting tourists to scream again and again, and the real experience of the sea is superb.
Water raft relationship: set the male and female track, a variety of interesting equipment, the requirements of the experience is not only need a better balance of coordination, but also need to have a quick response, better physical strength, can be rushed to win .
 Drifting River Series: The dragonfly surrounds the entire inflatable water park and is loved by everyone. The length of the river ranges from 100 to 1000 meters. Visitors need to take a floating ring, and sometimes the rapids will flow in, sometimes gentle, experience different, enjoy each other along the way. Water landscape, this is a leisurely and exciting journey.

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