Water slide

by:JOY Inflatable     2019-01-18

Water slides are divided into inflatable water slides and plastic water slides. Inflatable can be folded, custom style, small size, can be moved, convenient for later maintenance, plastic water inflatable water slide, the overall is relatively large, mobile is not convenient, can not be stored and folded, large area, and inconvenient maintenance. It includes FRP slides, steel structures, concrete, and inflatable water slide structure design for water parks. It is necessary to consider the load-bearing capacity of the equipment, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, shock resistance, impact resistance, and load capacity to reflect the quality of the water inflatable water slide equipment. Wind loads include both wage composite and non-workload conditions. In general, equipment installations can withstand up to 50 years of load capacity.
 When visitors are playing, they must abide by relevant safety regulations. There are certain safety hazards in entertainment projects, and children’s entertainment projects must be paid more attention. Children must play with their parents. They should listen to the staff's arrangements at the scene. They should not run alone. When playing, they should use the correct posture to prevent accidents. In addition, during the process of playing. We must not destroy public equipment. For these bad behaviors, everyone should have supervision to prevent consciousness. Parents should also educate their children. Only by properly protecting equipment, we will play better.

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