Water rushing or water park entrepreneurship must be grasped, time is not waiting for me!

by:JOY Inflatable     2019-12-10

for many leaders who want to invest in the construction of water barriers, they may feel that it is still too early to set up water sources until summer comes, but is this the case? Reasonable planning and construction of water clearance projects should be put on the agenda!

First, look at the site

from the site to the planning and design, then discuss the plan and finally determine the construction plan, so less than a month and a half.

II. On-site construction and product production

On-site construction, renovation and other aspects, as well as the production of water flushing equipment, support pools, the manufacturer of the inflatable swimming pool is ordered for at least one month.

3. Transportation and installation of the equipment

wait until the production water flushing equipment is completed, and after the factory inspection is qualified, delivery will be arranged. The time for transporting the products depends on the distance. Installation and commissioning will take about one week.

reasonable planning and construction of water clearance project should be put on the agenda

4, personnel training

to build a water clearance project or a mobile inflatable inflatable water park, the staff need to have certain professional knowledge, and then the personnel need to receive training work, these zeros need to be added up for more than a month.

Five, publicity work

in order to let more people know about this project, publicity must be in place. Newspapers, subways, new media platforms, TV stations and some stars can also help promote. These can attract the popularity of their water cleaning projects, which will take some time.

It is now the end of February. After reading these points, I believe that you have a certain understanding in your heart. Therefore, if you want to carry out the water clearance project, you must plan ahead so that it can operate normally in summer.

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