Water park swimming pool water temperature requirements

by:JOY Inflatable     2019-01-21
swimming pool water temperature requirements
In the swimming competition, the temperature of the swimming pool is generally around 24 degrees Celsius. The temperature in the swimming pool of the inflatable water park is also generally around 25 degrees Celsius. Under normal circumstances, it will be below 30 degrees, so why the temperature of the swimming pool should be set so low. What?
The temperature of a person is generally around 37 degrees Celsius. Cold water can effectively help the body consume calories. Therefore, under the same conditions, you will find that the movement in the water is stronger than the movement on the water, and at the same time, when swimming underwater, the cold water can also help the body to generate heat.
The temperature set in the swimming pool not only helps the body to dissipate heat, but also has other uses.

  1. Prevention of cardiovascular disease
  2. Reduce heat stroke
  3. Can increase the effect of exercise

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