Water park safety issues

by:JOY Inflatable     2019-01-20

Water Park is a water-themed paradise. There are a lot of exciting water games every day. Every day, there are a lot of people going to experience it. Whether it is children or adults, they are fully relaxed and experience happiness. .
 Water park slides, all kinds of equipment, large and small, colorful, but there are certain security risks, large traffic, children must be accompanied by adults to play, adults should be optimistic about children, do not get running. To prevent accidents, the most important thing is that the visitors present should follow the instructions of the staff. They should not rush into the air and strictly observe the safety order. When experiencing the project, they should follow the correct posture and cannot make some dangers. Actions, especially children who play with mischief and head down, are very dangerous. In the later stages, it is unimaginable. In the process of playing, it is forbidden to destroy equipment.
 Before launching, you should do a warm-up exercise, avoid cramps in the calf, experience some exciting and dangerous items, be sure to wear protective clothing, take protective measures, keep in mind the safety exit, and warn the slogan. Do not go in dangerous deep water areas. Do not wear glasses to get into the water, it is easy to cause eye irritation. After the game is over, remember to go to the shower to disinfect and take away your belongings when you leave.

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