Water park management points

by:JOY Inflatable     2019-01-11

The inflatable water park will be a place for leisure, entertainment, fitness, water slides, and swimming pools. It is an important component to experience excitement, enjoyment and relaxation. As an administrator, you must operate the entire park to ensure the personal safety of visitors.
In the eye-catching places, set the safety rules for the amusements, pay attention to the warning signs, and arrange the staff to maintain the safety work nearby to prevent accidental stories.
Each play project should be equipped with a monitoring platform, all-round monitoring without dead ends, special personnel on duty, many water projects, swimming pools, surf pools, etc. must be equipped with enough lifeguards, inflatable water park projects should set up a deep water warning zone to remind parents with children be careful.
Regularly check the water quality, do a good job of cleaning and disinfecting, remind visitors to shower and disinfect before and after entering the pool. There should be no water on the ground of the park, prevent the slides, and do not have sharp objects to avoid scratches.
Safety signs should be provided at the entrance of the slides to check the safety of the slides at all times to ensure the safety of the slides. For all projects, children must be accompanied by an adult to play and ensure safety.

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