Water park in construction problems

by:JOY Inflatable     2019-01-16

What are the problems with the construction of a typical inflatable water park? Let's take a look at it:
 (1) The selection of pipes, the material of the pipe is two, uvpc pipe and thin-walled copper pipe, uvpc pipe is used for bonding, his characteristic is that the construction is convenient, but the interface has poor high temperature resistance, and also needs to be fixed bracket. Otherwise, there will be pressure jitter, the thin-walled copper tube is reliable and stable, and her wall is not easy to knot, but the cost is relatively high.
 (2) The bottom of the pool absorbs dirt. There are many ways to clean the bottom of the pool. Generally, the simplest is to use the brush to move to the suction port. The operation is simple but the effect of sucking is not ideal. The brush will disturb the movement. Sediment. To clean with siphon or pumping, it is necessary to carry out the suction suction tray in the pool. It is inconvenient to operate and has a large impact on the pool water. The most ideal way is to use the circulation system for suction, and the existing equipment can be used. More materials, simple operation, good suction effect.
 (3) Water quality, the use of alum treatment water quality is not good, the sedimentation time is long, and there are many sediments. It is also necessary to inject a certain proportion of new water every day, adding copper sulfate. After a long time, the pool water will turn green and long moss. The full water type needs to use the balance water tank to control the water level, there is a small amount of oil on the water surface, and the water treatment circulation system must have a certain flow rate, otherwise the treatment effect is very poor, or a dead angle is generated.

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