Water park equipment tourist safety knowledge

by:JOY Inflatable     2019-01-09
The inflatable water park is full of competition and excitement. When playing, safety is in the first place. Visitors need to know the most basic safety precautions before playing:
First, know the basic knowledge of swimming. All members of the family, especially children, must know the most basic swimming knowledge, swim, and prevent drowning during play. If you can't swim, stay away from the deep pool. It is good to play in the shallow water area, and safety is the first priority.
Second, to prevent dehydration, long time in the water, easy to cause severe dehydration, need to promptly add a lot of soda and vitamins to ensure the body's needs.
Third, apply sunscreen before going out, the sun is exposed, it is easy to cause sunburn, so when you play in the water, apply sunscreen every other hour to ensure effective sun protection.
Fourth, anti-UV clothing, it is best to wear anti-UV clothes to prevent heat stroke, you can wear a sun hat.
Fifth, understand the safety guide of the park. Before entering the park, you should memorize the emergency exit. If you have any questions, please consult the safety instructor.
Sixth, remember to run in the park, the site itself is wet, easy to slip, and easy to hit others, there are a lot of entertainment equipment in the field, there are certain security risks, especially children should be careful not to run.
Seven, take care of the children, do not let the children play alone, adults must be with you, go to some shallow water to play, the safer the better.

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