Water park anti-slip treatment

by:JOY Inflatable     2019-01-09

, as a water world, there are many people in the park. There are many safety factors in the park. Safety is always the first. As the operator of the park, it should be considered during installation and construction. The security of the park, whether it is the quality and safety of the equipment project, or the layout safety of the site, must be highly valued. Today, Xiaobian mainly introduces the layout safety of the site.
 Many tourists in the park like to play with bare feet. It is very dangerous to slip a little and notice that the machine is injured. It is very dangerous. All the floor materials should be non-slip, can be tiled, and also use non-slip mats. Hot springs, swimming pools, surf pools, etc. should be provided with anti-skid walkways to increase the friction of the ground to ensure people's safety. In addition, drainage channels should be provided on the anti-skid walkway to ensure that the water does not overflow and affect walking.
 It is also possible to use non-slip bricks, which are a kind of wear-resistant bricks, which are beautiful in appearance, diversified in style, safe and practical. It is better as a non-slip material for water parks, which increases the experience of tourists and makes them more enjoyable.

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