Warning of inflatable castle manufacturers: Be sure to choose a reliable amusement equipment manufacturer to ensure safety!

by:JOY Inflatable     2019-12-11

recently, the inflatable castle was blown down by the wind. At 20: 00 on February 26, a hurricane occurred in Quangang district, Quanzhou city, Fujian province. The inflatable amusement facilities opened at the entrance of the shopping center were blown down by the wind, causing people to fall from high places while playing in it.

baolebao saw from the video shot on the spot that the large inflatable castle placed in the open space of the shopping plaza was blown away by the wind, flying more than ten meters and turning over.

In the early morning, the People's Government of Quangang district, Quanzhou city, Fujian province issued a notice saying that there was an accidental casualty accident at Fengwei Town Station Square in Quangang district at about twenty o'clock A. M. on May 29. After preliminary understanding, strong winds broke out in the square that night, overthrowing the 'holiday Castle '. The air cushion makes the people on the air cushion pick up from the height and fall. One of the 6-year-old boys died after being rescued by Quangang hospital. The two men were sent to Quangang hospital for hospitalization and did not endanger their lives. At present, the public security organs have intervened in the investigation and controlled the persons involved.

The Reporter of Beiqing Daily asked about the monitoring data of Quanzhou Meteorological Observatory. The results showed that the maximum wind speed in Fengwei town of Quangang District was 13. 6 m/s, occurred from to on the 29th, reaching the gust 6 standard.

According to the staff of Quangang District People's Government, the incident took place by the sea with strong wind. Regarding whether the inflatable castle made corresponding ground fixing measures when the incident occurred, the staff said: 'There are fixed measures, but we don't know exactly how to solve it.

Therefore, when we choose inflatable castles, we must choose reliable water amusement equipment manufacturers and formulate complete management strategies to prevent similar incidents from happening again!

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