Types of 【Large Inflatable Arch Tent】

by:JOY Inflatable     2022-07-12

A large inflatable arch tent is actually a kind of tent. It is a shed that can be placed on the ground to shield from wind and rain, as well as sunlight and for temporary living. In the early days, construction tents in our country were needed during wartime, and some military tents emerged, but because of their sturdiness and durability, their fabrics are suitable, and their cost is not high, they can adapt to various terrains, and can also be used as construction tents. There is also a The better choice of tent type for engineering tents, which is the prototype of some modern construction tents. There are also herringbone top tents whose main structure is composed of two parts, one is the aluminum alloy main frame, and the other is the tarpaulin. In fact, it is often equipped with some other comprehensive supporting facilities to beautify and improve the holding of various themed events.
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