There must be no two project 'case names' in the operation of the water park.

by:JOY Inflatable     2019-01-19
It is understood that some water parks have proposed two water park projects for various reasons. The name of the case is often confusing the media and stunned the tourists, which greatly wastes the promotion resources. For example, if a developer of a water theme park is a real estate developer, the name of the water theme park at the beginning of the planning is “XX Dream ”, and then a large number of pre-publication, promotion, and reporting are carried out according to the name of the case. Near the opening, the top management seems to think that the name of the case is not loud enough, and then changed to 'XX Magic Waterpark', which began to be widely publicized. At this time, the external reporters, media, equipment vendors, and even the general audience, the difference between the words It is already unclear whether this is a newly opened inflatable water park or the original inflatable water park. From the perspective of the product promotion of the water park operation perspective, the two case names of a project, “Operation” and “Market Promotion” have been a waste of a lot of brand resources accumulated in the previous promotion.
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