The summer mobile water park project is calculated in this way, saving money and reliability!

by:JOY Inflatable     2019-12-10
When the scorching sun passes through the green leaves, when the warm wind under the sun blows through the hearts of people, when the white clouds in the sky are roasted red, when a string of sweat drops from your forehead. The favorite summer vacation of primary school students will come. In the hot summer, everyone wants to go to the mobile inflatable water park. Today, I will tell you about the components of the mobile water park. And how to calculate the cost of mobile water park. Build up your confidence in the mobile water park project.

In summer, the sun is burning the Earth every day, and the mobile water park has become the best summer resort for people. Therefore, our mobile water park must have rich projects to meet people's different needs. Let's take a look at what water park equipment is needed for mobile water parks.

1. Support pool support pool is a facility mainly used to carry water in mobile water parks. The area can range from 200 m² to 1000 m². Everyone can swim and play in it. Second, the big slide of the faucet is the landmark of the water park, and it is also the most attractive place for children. Sitting on the big inflatable water slide of the faucet, from top to bottom, it slips down the water with a sound, which is both irritating and safe. In this process, the children have exercised their courage and developed their own wisdom. Third, the inflatable pool, the inflatable pool is different from the bracket pool. Generally speaking, the water depth of the support pool will be deeper, while the inflatable pool will not be so deep. The main thing is to let the children play in the water. Because the water depth of the inflatable pool is shallow, the inflatable pool can be larger. To understand some basic equipment of mobile water park, let's talk about the cost calculation of mobile water park. Let's take a 1000-square-meter mobile water park as an example, in which the area of the support pool is about 200 square meters and the area of the inflatable pool is about 300 square meters. Add a faucet big slide 50 flat. In this way, a summer mobile water park project will cost about 100 thousand to 150 thousand yuan. In addition, some other fragmentary floating facilities and surrounding supporting facilities are added. In general, the investment cost of summer mobile water park will not exceed 200 thousand. To build such a mobile water park, it is generally possible to recover the cost in the first year. In the second year, you can make a profit. This is only a rough cost calculation for the summer mobile water park project.
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