The importance of water park site selection

by:JOY Inflatable     2019-01-18

Whether the operation of a park is successful, in addition to the characteristics of the project theme design of the park, more is whether the geographical location of the park is sufficient. If the traffic in the park is inconvenient, the geographical location is remote, and the traffic will be small. The park has no competitive advantage, poor profitability and unpredictable prospects.
 Before conducting site selection, it is necessary to conduct a survey to check whether the surrounding urban residents' population is up to standard. This is the premise for obtaining market operation. What is the economic income of the consumer groups in the region, and whether the distance is relatively close, it should be controlled at 2 Within an hour, is there a bus, subway, bus, or hotel accommodation area that is acceptable to people? . In general, it should be guaranteed that the inflatable water park will operate for 70-90 days in order to be profitable. The temperature in the south is high, the summer time is long, and the summer in the north is short. The operation in the south is more advantageous.
 After a comprehensive understanding, carry out comprehensive analysis, determine the location of the site selection, start construction and construction, preferably in real-time monitoring, the site situation is complex, easy to make timely adjustments, which is conducive to the operation of the later park.

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