Teach you how to repair inflatable bumps, water park operators must have skills!

by:JOY Inflatable     2019-12-10

The most vulnerable part of inflatable products is the surface packaging material. Due to improper use or some unexpected situations during the game, the skin is damaged and there is air leakage. Then what should be done to make up for this problem and what should be paid attention to when operating. As a manufacturer of inflatable bumper balls, for those customers who use our mobile inflatable water park products, we will provide you with the following steps:

before repair, you must have a clear idea, don't blindly fix it, find the right patch idea, you can't contact the manufacturer, or check some information.

material preparation: scissors, repair material, hot air blower or blower, glue

1. Do not worry when the inflatable bumper ball leaks, do not rush to repair, first fill the ball with gas, find the leak, use the mark must carefully check each place in order to accurately repair.

2. Cut the repair material according to the size of the air leakage of the inflatable bumper ball.

3. During the normal use of the inflatable bumper ball, there will be a lot of dust on the surface. Must first use the treated water, wipe the surface of the inflatable bumper ball clean, and ensure that it is clean, so as not to affect the adhesion

4. Find a hair dryer and a suitable glue. Contact suppliers and select according to materials.

5. When using a hair dryer to blow glue with glue, the glue does not need to be applied a lot, but it must be uniform. After the sewing is completed, stay for half an hour to inflate, check to cause damage again.

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