Sanitary maintenance of water park

by:JOY Inflatable     2019-01-12
In the daily inflatable water park maintenance, we have to consider the sterilization work of the inflatable water park. Under the influence of long-term daytime use and other factors, more or less bacteria are left on the equipment. Then in daily maintenance, sterilization becomes a very necessary job.

How to sterilize? Since there are different people in the process of use, so many bacteria will appear, so in the daily maintenance, a very efficient sterilization method must be used. In the process of use, the ozone disinfection method is often chosen. Because he can not only kill bacteria and viruses, but also has some very good effects on some pathogens. At the same time, due to the huge size of the inflatable water park equipment, the disinfection should also ensure high efficiency, and the ozone disinfection method also has such high-efficiency anti-virus. In the process of use, only a gentle brushing can remove the bacteria on the equipment. The most important thing is that ozone disinfection is hundreds of thousands of times the effect of ordinary disinfection. Sterilization principle: It decomposes into an unstable molecular mechanism under normal temperature conditions, and at the same time has a large oxidizing character to the bacteria, thus effectively killing the bacteria on the device.  The GMP certified ozone in our country has different specifications, including a comprehensive introduction: " The principle of ozone disinfection is: the molecular structure under normal temperature and pressure is unstable, and it is quickly decomposed into oxygen and oxygen; the latter has strong activity and has strong oxidation to bacteria.
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