Professional military, civil inflatable medical tent for sale


Guangzhou Joyinflatable Limit dedicated to the development of a series of convenient, strong and beautiful household or public air cushion products, the inflatable medical tent is one of the popular series. It’s prominent outside, strong and big inside.

Inflatable medical tents are mainly temporary medical facilities for emergency and first aid in the event of an emergency Or communityclub activities to serve temporary venues.Most medical tents are sealed ,only once inflate by the air pump don't need the blower inflate all the time .it is easy to build it up on the ground in the raining day.

Our company, at present has launched two different style of medical tent products, at the same time considering the emergency medical treatment of dedication and some special requirement of medecins sans frontieres (MSF), we also have some tents used can sell as a medical tent, they may have been leased to the wedding, exhibitions, parties or store, will check when we recycle, ensure clean without damage, durable like new, but the price will be much cheaper, just to make a little contribution to charity.

The inflatable dome tent itself is very heavy to stand stably. we make D rings and matchropes for you to tie for more stabiit. You can also use sand bags or water bags to increas estability. However, please use depending on actual scene.

0.6mm PVC tarpaulin is waterproof and the artight inflatables are made with high temperature multifunctional welding machine, which is necessary and efficient for massive waterproof airtight inflatables.

One piece design, only need to fill the air pump can be built, it's easy to install and take down. This inflatable tent is durable enough to last 3 to 5 years. you can customize the size, colour, logo.

You can choose any one of them according to your needs of the team.

If you are in need of the professional military, civil inflatable medical tent, here is the shopping link of our factory, you can click here  (http://www.joyinflatable.com/inflatable-medical-tent)to know more.

Product test video and the detailed material, appearance, construction, and advantage explanation are all in it. We also have a series of other air cushion products that are highly evaluated. Click in and take a look.

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