Points that must be noticed by the water park

by:JOY Inflatable     2019-01-14
Points that must be noticed by the inflatable water park
When the water park is opened, in addition to daily equipment maintenance, equipment updates are required. So what do you need for a inflatable water park update?
  1. Safety sign
In any place, the location should be marked in a certain place, so the inflatable water park needs to be marked.
  1. Monitoring station
Have special monitoring, so as to avoid accidents and further expansion, etc.

  1. Lifeguard
Water parks must be lifeguards, so that tourists can avoid falling into the water.
  1. Water quality inspection
The inspection of water quality is an indispensable part of the water park, on the one hand for hygiene, and on the other hand for the reputation of the amusement park.
  1. Pool cleaning
Clean the pool regularly every day.

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