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by:JOY Inflatable     2019-10-24
I have always been a part of outdoor activities.
Many years ago, my friend and I started the annual camping trip, originally for my birthday, which became an annual camping trip over time, just for fun,
The first few years we started camping, we started sleeping in a big 12-
All the bets and support in the people tent, take a few of us to set it up and spend almost £ 20
30 minutes.
We will only go to a few different places and our preparation is about 2 out of 10.
In our last few years, we went to the Coachella music festival and, to say the least, we were surprised at how well our friends had arranged.
It was not until we were introduced to the idea of \"charm\" that we decided to strengthen our camping game.
Although the equipment we used was slightly improved, the way we planned it expired due to some upgrades.
We enjoyed our camping in corchella.
When we were there to squeeze 4 people into a small tent, all of our friends had these big pop music --
Set up a tent with explosives
There are inflatable mattresses, memory foam liners, bedside tables, and even carpets.
Recently, we have been camping every month this year.
We love exploring Sequoia North and sometimes even near Orange County.
In the past, it was a bit difficult to drive to our camp after work and try to set up tents in the dark.
Today, Costco and many sports stores have affordable tents and less than a minute of installation.
These tents are worth every dollar I spend with many of my friends on them, and the best part is that they are built very well and very convenient, one can easily be built under minimal lighting(
The added benefit is the purchase from Costco as they have a very good return policy-
They almost took back anything they bought from them)These pop-
Tents are reasonably affordable compared to old tents
These are a stud --in.
What are the more convenient tents in the price comparison? Tent fully installed from storage to seconds?
Portable showerhead.
If you haven\'t been able to take a nice, refreshing shower from the actual portable shower, you haven\'t been charming before.
This portable shower
Head brings a lot of comfort to our small price tag.
You can buy from Amazon or many other online retail stores.
Here\'s the battery-
Powered on, there is a filter at the pump end to keep the shower-
Pump out dirt from the pump, other unwanted things or plug the head.
The water pressure is like a regular water pipe at home, which can easily become a major attraction when it is very hot.
In addition to the battery, the only supplements you need can be purchased at a place like Home Depot for a few dollars. 5-
The gallon barrel works well and when allocated from the battery you will be surprised how long that bucket of water has been going onpowered shower-head.
After cooling in the shower, we just want to expand out and lie in the Sun (
If it\'s too hot or not! )
The most comfortable chair we found was zero.
Gravity chair with small folding table.
These can be reclined so you can lie flat and the boys are comfortable.
Of course, typical folding
Nice chairs in camp but they can\'t tilt or adjust like zerogravity ones.
If the chair isn\'t comfortable enough, you want to take a nap, why not just lie on your super comfortable Blowin\' bed? Inflatable mattress?
You might be thinking now. . .
Why do we have air mattresses?
Why don\'t we use a good old sleeping bag?
Did you sleep on a regular sleeping bag with almost no cushions underneath?
This has to be one of the most uncomfortable things and you will feel pain when you wake up in the morning. . . not a fun time. Using a blow-
The up air mattress has to be the biggest change we make while camping but will get better.
These are a few pieces of equipment I suggest to take a real step.
Start your camping game
Not only can all of these items be purchased at a relatively cheap price, but in a comfortable home you can find most or even all of them online.
Whether you\'re minimalist or charismatic, this device can completely change the way you camp.
The comfort these items bring can help you get a restful rest and relaxation, which should be linked to a successful camping trip.
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