Mobile Water Park leads the wave of leisure and entertainment in summer!

by:JOY Inflatable     2019-12-09

In many leisure and entertainment projects, if you have to select a project that everyone recognizes, then I think this crown is not a mobile water park project, maybe he is not so high-end and elegant, nor is he so low-key and luxurious, but this is indeed the most 'grassroots' summer vacation and leisure place for the general public. Not every mention is enough to be remembered, not every memory is enough to change the market, but we always insist on promoting the development of the industry. Let this 'grassroots management' and 'grassroots participation' mobile water park Summer Dream project become a force that can change people's life marks!

A long time ago, people could go swimming by the river and rest in temporary construction in summer, however, with the continuous development of social industrialization, there are fewer and fewer natural leisure places for people to avoid summer heat in summer, the area of rivers is continuously decreasing, and the area of forests is not short, this is the time when mobile water parks have become the choice of more and more 'grassroots' people for summer leisure. At the same time, the mobile inflatable water park has an advantage!

first, the safety is high. Compared with the Wild River and Gulf Stream, the water depth of the support swimming pool in the mobile water park can be freely controlled, the water quality can also be disinfected regularly, so the safety factor is greatly improved, avoiding the occurrence of children's drowning tragedy. At the same time, due to the relevant supporting safety measures, it can further ensure the safety of the mobile inflatable water park, so the mobile water park is more trusted by the majority of children's parents!

Second, the mobile water park has high flexibility in site selection, and the site location can be selected independently according to the surrounding facilities and personnel density. Greatly saves people's travel costs! In the hot summer, everyone is not willing to go out, but if there is a good place to play with water in the vicinity, who can refuse?

3. Tickets for mobile water parks are cheaper. Compared with the ticket prices of more than 200 yuan in places such as Fonte and Mala Bay, the price of mobile water parks is generally around 30 yuan, the difference is about eight times, and the tickets at the reserve price have completely contributed to the mobile inflatable water park becoming the king of leisure events in the summer of the grassroots!

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