Mobile water park investment risk control, a word to break the sky!

by:JOY Inflatable     2019-12-08

mobile inflatable water park has low investment risk, fast capital recovery and high return on investment, which makes more and more investment in this industry. The more investment, the more fierce competition and the greater risk. How to reduce investment risk is a problem that investors must pay attention to in mobile water parks. Only by considering investment before investment and choosing high-quality cooperative factories can risks be minimized.

mobile water park

three points must be considered before the operation of the mobile inflatable water park: capital, site selection, safety

one, funds are mainly divided into early funds and late funds

1. The upfront funds include: the cost of licenses and related business procedures, the cost of building and purchasing mobile water park equipment for mobile water parks, recruiting talents before opening, investing in advertisements, processing tickets, membership card, etc.

2. Overdue funds include: usual sanitation and cleaning expenses; Maintenance cost of mobile water park equipment; Subsequent equipment update, cost increase; Pay the staff's salary; Water, electricity, fire, monitoring and other security costs.

second, location must be very important

1. Mobile website Note: People flow, land prices, government policies, surrounding environment, public demand, peer competition, self-owned funds.

2. Combine the local flow Group and consumption level to locate the type of mobile water park.

Third, we must seriously consider safety and safety issues, and must not cut corners

1. Must purchase qualified mobile inflatable water park equipment, and do related maintenance and regular inspection.

2. Operation, management and maintenance personnel shall receive strict training and evaluation, and obtain qualification certificates issued by the competent department of quality and technical supervision.

3. There must be an emergency plan. For example, sudden power failure during equipment operation, sudden equipment failure, etc. , and other accidents.

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