Military tent material | Military tent performance

by:JOY Inflatable     2022-06-17
The quality of military tents, design is undoubtedly a factor, and more likely is the substitution of materials. Materials can be divided into fabrics, linings, bottoms, struts, etc. Often, fabrics with the same label have different densities, but are actually different in tensile strength and waterproof pressure. Different fabric proportions make nylon filaments thin and light. Oxford cloth is thicker but heavier, suitable for mountaineering and trekking campers, suitable for camping or small group tents. From a waterproof coating point of view, although PVC has good waterproof properties, it can become hard and brittle in winter, easily wrinkling or breaking. The PU coating is enough to overcome the shortcomings of PVC and is very waterproof. PU, waterproof pressure can reach more than 2000MM. This article explains in detail the materials of military tents and the performance of military tents.

Military tent lining (inner tent material)

For use, nylon threads should be inserted into cotton. When camping in the wild, the tent is easy to absorb moisture, the cotton cloth is not easy to cool and moldy, and the nylon thread is not easy to dry and moldy.

The choice of bottom material also determines the grade of the tent. Low-end tents usually use PE as the substrate, but PVC is also used. They are looking for low cost. In winter, double-coated PE is the nemesis of PVC substrates, while PU coated Oxford cloth as a substrate greatly exceeds PE in terms of firmness, cold resistance and water resistance. The pillars of the tent are the frame of the tent. The quality of the frame material not only affects the service life of the tent, but also affects the stability of the tent.

Early military tent poles often replaced steel, which added weight to the tent and had poor elasticity. The revamped tent replaces the fiberglass poles, has improved weight, improved elasticity, and costs less. Therefore, current tent manufacturers mostly choose this material for the poles, but the strength and sturdiness of the fiberglass poles is ideally such that if the fiberglass supports are thickened for strength, they also add weight. The ideal support is aluminum alloy material. The brackets connected by high-strength alloy tubes have high strength, light weight and good resilience. In particular, the EASTON support poles made of Yuhang aluminum achieve better conditions in various indicators, so they are more suitable for high-end tents.

The main performance indicators for the quality of military tents are usually based on wind resistance, rain resistance and good stability. Mountain tents also require light weight and small size. High-performance alpine tents are usually made of high-quality nylon filaments woven with a tear-resistant structure, plus a waterproof coating with a water resistance greater than 2000mm. The joints are laminated during production to keep you safe in heavy rain. In the environment, it is not affected by wind and rain.

If you use the high-strength EASTON support rod, you can use it with confidence even if the wind is above level 8. However, this type of tent is expensive, and the general market price is above 2,000 yuan. If you use GORE's ACTIVEN fabric for your exterior account, in terms of construction, you can eliminate the interior tent, save weight, reduce bulk, and it's better for water resistance, breathability, and water resistance, but at a higher price.

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