Maintenance of water park equipment

by:JOY Inflatable     2019-01-08

The use of equipment is limited to a certain number of years. The large water equipment of the inflatable water park needs more time and energy to maintain. The flow of people is large and there are many people playing, which will accelerate the loss of life. schedule.
Therefore, it is important to do a good job of daily care. Water parks must be posted with good precautions for visitors to familiarize themselves with. The on-site staff must prohibit and carry dangerous items to avoid sharp sharp ones. Things are carried inside.
 Every day, we must regularly check and maintain the equipment. Once problems are found, we must immediately solve the problem and prevent the equipment from being damaged. It is also checked that there is a skewed movement of the inflatable water park equipment, which can cause damage to the equipment for a long time. It is necessary to carefully prepare the equipment usage record form and develop the habit of tracking and checking.
In the cleaning process of the equipment, you can use soapy water, washing powder and other daily cleaning products to wipe, rinse with clean water, after cleaning, disinfection, then wipe the equipment with a soft cloth, you can not use those hard The items are brushed to prevent damage to the equipment, affecting the appearance and affecting the experience.

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