Lavender Manor will be more fun to place these mobile water park equipment!

by:JOY Inflatable     2019-12-07

In recent years, Lavender Manor has become a new place for mobile water park equipment. Many lavender estates have purchased a large number of large support pools and inflatable slides, inflatable swimming pool and other inflatable water park equipment. Not nearly earning a lot of profits, but also increasing the participation of tourists in the Lavender Manor, greatly improving the degree of fun in the manor, today, I will tell you why Lavender Manor has these mobile water park equipment!

First of all, the general Lavender Manor lacks the equipment for tourists to participate in the play because of planting a large area of lavender, the mobile water park equipment just makes up for this shortcoming, with support pools, inflatable pools, etc. for tourists to swim and children to play. Greatly improve the participation of tourists, not only get fun, but also exercise the body!

Secondly, whether it is a support pool or an inflatable water inflatable water slide in the mobile inflatable water park equipment, the requirements for the site are very low, and the construction can be completed without destroying the ground topography, it will not cause trouble to the management of lavender manor, and it can be removed at any time when it is not needed.

third, summer is coming soon, support pool, the inflatable swimming pool can make people feel extremely cool in the hot summer days, and can greatly extend the time for tourists to visit our Lavender Manor, this will drive the income of related catering and accommodation.

Finally, the mobile water park equipment can be deeply combined with Lavender Manor, one is 'swimming' and the other is 'playing '. Really let tourists experience the fun of leisure here. The combination of dynamic and static play mode will greatly improve the stickiness of amusement, and will also drive them to do free word-of-mouth publicity for us, let our business model of combining lavender manor with inflatable water park equipment become more and more popular!

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