【Large inflatable water rushing play equipment】 'The unstoppable summer rushing heat!'

by:JOY Inflatable     2022-07-18

Spring has come to summer, and it is time to start a business. In recent years, the rushing heat of major TV stations has caused a trend of hydrophilic fitness. Among them, due to the unique nature and requirements of water inflatable rushing, it has received great welcome in summer, and large-scale inflatable water rushing amusement equipment has become The new darling of summer startup projects.

This water flushing project, which has gathered the efforts of many people for several years, has a total length of 55m, a width of 10m., and a height of 8m. There are eight levels in this product: the starting stage, the touch of the water, the rush, the space walk, the fish jumping the dragon gate, the thrilling step by step, the desperate jump, and the brave climb. Each level has a beautiful symbolic meaning. It is a level play paradise with the advantages of fun, sports, entertainment, theme expression, etc., which makes players unable to stop. The weather has just warmed up after the new year, and the consultation calls of the water flushing amusement equipment and the water inflatable flushing project department have been overwhelmed. Summer is coming, and it is not too late to buy them now.

At present, there are still few inflatable flushing projects on the water. The water flushing amusement equipment has a broad prospect and great potential. Seize the opportunity and follow up in a timely manner, and you are likely to become the leader in this industry. Entrepreneurship for all people has become the main theme of the current era. However, there is a very serious problem that is often ignored by entrepreneurs, that is, we can't blindly follow the trend! Entrepreneurship must be done first, and good entrepreneurs know how to grasp opportunities. People, entrepreneurs who are aware of it later, don't rush to the water to clear the amusement equipment.

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