【Large Inflatable Arch Tent】'Create a visual impact and a pleasant atmosphere!'

by:JOY Inflatable     2022-07-17

Large inflatable arch tents are lightweight, portable and easy to deploy. Inflatables are a new type of propaganda media introduced from abroad in the mid-1980s. Its predecessor is said to be derived from a large number of cartoons and cartoons produced in the United States. It is a brand-new advertising medium that only appeared in China in the mid-1990s, and its greater feature is to build momentum. It has an irreplaceable advertising role in the process of brand building and promotion, and it is easy to form a grand and lively event scene. Its appearance amplifies people's infinite imagination of products, mobilizes people's curiosity, and teases people's shopping desires. By showing vivid, tall and vivid shapes, it brings people a strong visual impact and a relaxed and happy atmosphere. , to deepen people's understanding of the product image and brand, and play a better publicity effect.

Small features of large inflatable arch tent:

1. Lightweight, easy to carry and comfortable to use;

2. Reusable and easy to clean;

3. Convenient and firm vent design is easy to inflate and deflate;

4. After the product is deflated and folded, a lot of space can be saved.

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