Is it safe for children to play millions of ocean balls? Precautions for safe use of marine ball pools in mobile water parks!

by:JOY Inflatable     2019-12-12

is it poisonous for children to play ocean balls in mobile water parks? This plastic ball is very popular among children because of its green, soft and safe. The health of the existing Marine Ball facilities is worrying. The ocean ball is so dirty that some children still put it in their mouths and are very worried about the health of the ocean ball. Ocean Ball is a plastic product and is basically non-toxic, but it does not mean that it is not covered with dust or dirt. It is not good and unsanitary for children to eat their stomachs. So parents should tell their children what to do and what not to do.

parents should read the game instructions carefully and pay attention to the playground signs and facilities. It is necessary to strictly choose the age, height and other requirements of various entertainment items. Don't let your baby play with mobile water park facilities that are not suitable for height and physique.

◇ tell the baby the correct way to play, queue up to keep order, don't push others while playing, and don't fight. You can't run around the playground doing dangerous moves. For example, when you play a children's inflatable inflatable water slide, your feet will inflatable water slide down. Don't jump from the outside railing to the slide. Don't swing on the swing.

◇ remind your baby to avoid mobile entertainment facilities and avoid collision with other treasures. When you see someone playing with a swing device such as a swing, please don't approach.

◇ tell the baby that you must wait for the moving mobile water park facilities to stop and then move up and down, and do not jump off the rotating swivel chair. Before the baby falls, be sure to note that there are no other treasures or items in the middle of the road. When the baby jumps, the feet are on the ground and the knees are slightly bent.

◇ don't let your baby put the hand that has played the toy in his mouth, and you can't play with the toy. If you find that other babies or adults have symptoms such as sneezing and coughing, try to take the baby away. Pay attention to the material description of playground equipment. Wood treated with arsenic-containing and lead-containing coatings has great potential safety hazards. Remember to bathe your baby immediately after the game.

Don't let your baby eat when playing, it is easy to be dangerous. Be sure to adhere to the principle of 'don't eat when eating, don't play when eating' to prevent accidents.

'safety inspection' manual

◇ pay attention to the distance between the railings of mobile inflatable water park facilities. If the gap between guardrails is 8. Between 5 and 22 cm, if the baby's head or neck is stuck inside, they will be suffocated. If there is a gap in the ride, you can grab your baby's fingers, arms, legs, etc. , please pay special attention. It is best to protect your baby while playing, or not let the baby play here at all.

◇ the mobile water park facilities selected for infants should not exceed 2 meters. 2/3 of the danger occurs when the baby falls off the device, so a good ground can play a very good protective role. Pay attention to the ground of the playground, choose plastic pad or rubber pad, the thickness is at least 3 ~ 10 cm square meters of safe ground, away from unsafe ground such as stones and cement.

◇ carefully check the millions of marine ball pool facilities to ensure that there are no loose ropes, nails, rust or damaged metal parts after damage. Because of the rusty parts, the broken swing, the ladder that did not see the beam and the broken wood will hurt the baby.

◇ check whether the screws, bolts and iron clamps of the inflatable water slide, Rod and threshold are fastened, and whether there are sharp edges or any hooks, this will grab the baby's clothes or skin.

◇ lack of maintenance and management there may be glass fragments and garbage with bacteria in the playground. It is best to equip the baby with disposable shoes. After returning home, it should be thoroughly cleaned to ensure health and safety.

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