Introduction to inflatable slides

by:JOY Inflatable     2022-05-10

The inflatable inflatable water slide is a happy paradise for every child, and many parents let their children play on it. Although children need to take off their shoes and the like when they play on it, the inflatable slides are operated outdoors, and over time, the inflatable slides will get dirty. If it is not cleaned frequently, then parents will not be happy to let their children play. Trouble cleaning bouncy castles? What is the correct cleaning method for inflatable slides? The following small series will introduce to you in detail.

First of all, you need to cut off the power supply, open the fan interface and exhaust port, discharge the gas in the bouncy castle, and then start the cleaning work. We all know that bouncy castles are made of environmentally friendly meshed PVC fabrics, so we need to choose a suitable cleaning agent according to the characteristics of the PVC material. PVC material has a certain acid and alkali resistance. It is best to use clean water and neutral detergent to scrub. When washing, you need to be careful not to let too much moisture on the rag, and finally dry it in the sun to avoid sutures. Wet break. It should be noted that the bouncy castle should not be cleaned frequently, but only once a month.

The mobile inflatable water park is a theme-style swimming and inflatable water park with a certain entertainment nature made of inflatable products. It is generally composed of bracket pools or inflatable swimming pools, bouncy castles, water slides, water toys, and water customs clearance combinations. Bracket pool. Product features, easy disassembly and assembly. Its special design structure makes installation and disassembly very convenient and easy to operate. A standard swimming pool of X meters can be built in a few hours. It can be completely disassembled, packed and stored in the warehouse when not in use after the season, which greatly saves land resources, no need to grant or occupy land, and use indoor and outdoor spaces such as city squares, stadiums, exhibition halls, parking lots, etc., to achieve miracles A fully equipped inflatable water park full of laughter and laughter can be quickly built, and the cooperative children's clearance can also be operated all year round, so that the interests of customers are guaranteed!

Collectively, the effect of inflatable theme park on industrial society has been to eliminate inflatable park and drastically reduce the time long associated with kids water park.
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