Introducing the classification of the pools in the water park

by:JOY Inflatable     2019-01-14
Introducing the classification of the pools in the inflatable water park
There are different classifications of water parks. The common one is a gliding pool. Some parks also create wave pools and paddling pools. Now let's introduce these three categories.

Sliding pool:
 According to the form of the inflatable water slide, it finally falls into the water. In real life, there are three types: straight type, round type, and long straight type. According to different speeds, there will be different depths of water falling. According to the regulations, the depth of the water entering the slide will not be lower than 0.9M, and there must be special labor beside the side to avoid mistakes in the process of entering. At the same time, it is necessary to ensure lubrication on the inflatable water slide.
Wave pool:
 According to the literal understanding, it is a principle that uses equipment to generate waves. Visitors can enjoy the waves like a wave in the water, and enjoy the feeling of the past in the amusement park.
Bathing pool:
 It is divided into two kinds of paddling pools for children and adults. The purpose is to distinguish the depth of water. There are small slides, water guns and water cannons in the pool. There will also be a certain number of swim rings, which will allow novices and children to avoid falling into the water.

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