Inspection standards and specifications for inflatable slides

by:JOY Inflatable     2022-05-11

Playgrounds are places where people can be happy, but they can also be dangerous. When investors choose amusement equipment, they must strictly check, buy equipment from reliable manufacturers, and every small part of the inflatable slide is very important. Buying high-quality products can reduce risks, not increase profits in order to reduce costs. without regard to the safety of consumers.

Inflatable inflatable water slide component assembly: Component assembly is the process of assembling amusement park equipment parts into components. In order to ensure the assembly quality of the parts, the assembly process and technical requirements of the parts are listed in detail in the assembly process specification. The product drawing is the basis for combining parts into components, so assembling according to the drawing and process is the basic condition to ensure that the components meet the requirements. Component inspection is based on product drawings and assembly process specifications. With the passage of time, many things have been updated, and there are many tricks for children to play, and even the slides have the birth of combined slides. What is a combination inflatable water slide? What are its benefits? Let me introduce it to you.

The combination slide is very suitable for lively occasions. The structure of the amusement facilities is safe and durable. Its ingenious design, harmonious color and ingenious combination of various plastic parts can bring safety, joy and liveliness to children. It integrates fitness and entertainment, and carefully designs various styles according to children's interests and hobbies. It is a new and comprehensive children's paradise. It is designed for children who like to drill, climb, and slide. It has bright colors, strong entertainment, complete functions and reliable quality. The complete set of amusement equipment usually includes doors, bridges, slides, roofs, stairs, platforms, columns, ladders, slides, climbing pipes, and rope nets; the slides are all connected with fasteners, and there are no sharp objects on the surface. There are multiple models and multiple color options; it can also be individually designed and produced according to customer needs. This product is bright in color, not easy to fade, high strength, anti-static, wear-resistant, sun-resistant, aging-resistant, crack-resistant, safe and durable in structure, ingenious in design of children's slides, harmonious in color matching, ingenious combination of various plastic parts, children's play equipment Bring safety, joy and liveliness to children.

How to choose the venue for the inflatable slide?

1. Kindergartens, the main facilities of general kindergartens include slides, trampolines, etc., but the facilities in the inflatable slides are more complete, which can better meet the interests of children, and are the choice venue for inflatable slides. Inflatable slides

2. A comprehensive shopping mall, this kind of mall is generally crowded, and there is a separate floor for children, which is very suitable for the installation of bouncy castles.

3. Supermarket shopping malls, which are generally very popular, are a better choice for inflatable slides.

4. High-end communities, almost all of them near high-end communities, natural inflatable slides are also an indispensable item.

5. In the vicinity of the high-rise residential area of u200bu200bdevelopment, it is generally necessary to live in a part of the population, and there are many children to choose from. There is room for development in such a place, and the flow of people will be quite large after all of them have moved in.

6. Large squares or parks, where the flow of people is quite large, can be used as the focus of finding venues.

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